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Disasters Can Happen at Any Time

When they do, turn to Damage Inc. for professional restoration.

Specialists in Property Restoration around Edmonton and All of Alberta, B.C., & Saskatchewan

Disasters are random and chaotic. You never know when they might appear or how they might damage your commercial, institutional (including education and health), or multi-family properties.

When a disaster does strike, Damage Inc. will be there for you. No matter what the situation is, if buildings have been damaged, we aim to respond as specialists in property restoration in Edmonton with mitigation, stabilization, and reconstruction or repair services.


Using successful construction professionals who are highly proficient in the specialized restoration industry, we promise prompt and professional service that leaves behind a product free of deficiency with exceptional value for both client and insurer. To accomplish our promise and to help us remain high-quality professionals, we focus on technical training and the acknowledgement of advanced methodology with a clear and concise reporting procedure.

Who Guides Damage Inc.?

Our founder and president, Wade Meyer, is a disaster loss mitigation specialist with 30 years of construction experience. He has dealt with environmental complexity, mitigation, and large and complex loss, such as structural failures and fire and water damage to condominiums and commercial and institutional structures including schools and Hospitals.

Wade also has extensive construction experience of over 20 years handling the direct supervision of a dozen high-rise (20+ story), or multi-level, concrete structure projects for the Division 3 scope around Edmonton and hundreds of other commercial projects and multi-level concrete structures. He has also managed both union and non-union crews of up to 50 men and coordinated multi-million dollar high-pressure Division 3 projects, which were under contract to numerous general contractors.


He has restoration experience, most notably in institutional, condominium, and commercial large loss, as well as extensive experience in environmental complexity and mitigation.

Wade has completed mitigation and restoration of hundreds of property losses exceeding $150 million in the last five years alone.

Professional Affiliations

Alberta Construction Safety Association
Canadian Healthcare Engineering Society
Alberta Educational Facilities Administrators Association

Our Specialty in Property Restoration for Edmonton

As property restoration professionals, we specialize in complex and large property loss. Insurance claims of this nature are highly sensitive, as the risk to insurers is significant and garners scrutiny from the highest levels within the insurance firms and even their re-insurers. Multiple levels of adjusting and cost analysis need to be employed on projects and requires highly skilled project management, knowledge, and experience.

Deal with Damage

Damage Inc. can help you restore your property from all types of damage.


See what kind of specialists Damage Inc. employs to help you with your property restoration.

Uncanny Ability

It is my pleasure to recommend Wade Meyer. As you know, Wade has already successfully managed a property restoration company not without mention his recent successful completion of the Fort McMurray fire restoration of 14 Catholic schools. He brought that project in on time, on budget and with no major obstacles.

Wade is highly respected by his colleagues and subordinates and skillfully managed the plethora of personalities involved with his last project. His enthusiastic, optimistic attitude is contagious and serves to motivate and energize his project staff. He is a natural leader who has the gift of identifying each staff member’s primary talents and bringing out the best in each one throughout the course of the entire project. Wade is very calm and collected under pressure. He has superb problem-solving skills as well as exceptional team-building skills.

In the course of managing his last project, Wade demonstrated an ability to quickly sift through mountains of data and determine which was relevant to the project and should be used and which was irrelevant and could be discarded. He was able to focus on the stated objectives of the project and prioritize every task necessary to accomplish the desired end result. From there he assigned the right individuals for each small task and provided detailed instructions, encouragement and advice and so that each project staff member had a clear direction and took part in the overall success of the project.

My observations of Wade during his previous project manager assignment was that he kept all members of the project staff as well as management informed of the progress through every phase. He possesses excellent communication skills, both verbal and written. Wade showed an uncanny ability to foresee a potential problem and essentially nip it in the bud saving the company money and preventing unexpected hurdles from delaying the project’s ultimate implementation. An effective delegator, Wade trusts the team he assembles and they have tremendous faith in his as a fair and effective leader.

I am happy to recommend Wade Meyer and his newly formed company Damage Inc. to manage any project big or small and I hope you will seriously consider him for the task.

—Don F., Carapace Consultancy Ltd.

Excellent Project Manager

Wade is an excellent project manager. Anyone requiring assistance with the restoration of properties as a result of damage would be lucky to have someone like Wade manage the project. His knowledge, ability to manage sub-contractors and unbelievable work ethic make him one of a kind.

—Scott P., Torch Industries Ltd.

Dry Up Water/Flood Damage

Restore your property from any water damage, from leaks to floods.

Clear Away Smoke/Fire Damage

Recover your property from the destruction fires bring.

Heal after a Catastrophe/Disaster

We have the experience to restore and evacuate properties from crises.

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