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Restore Property After Fire Damage Around Edmonton and Western Alberta

Often the most destructive peril a building can face is the damages associated with fire, its smoke, and the resulting water damages from firefighting activity. Fire damage around Edmonton, or elsewhere, comes from direct impingement and heat and creates significant destruction with its associated smoke and gasses.

Under pressure from heat, the smoke will permeate into every part of the affected building, including HVAC ductwork and plenums, assembly cavities, and building finishes. Filled with toxins and constantly off gassing from the solids contained within, smoke can be an incredible challenge to remediate.

Damage Inc.’s staff has an industry-leading understanding of building materials, assemblies, and the methodology of construction, allowing for a prompt scope of work and associated quantum. Our staff has trained in the Institute of Inspection Cleaning & Restoration Certification, so they can triage contents and finishes that are at risk for further secondary damages, which they will also process and handle accordingly. This includes emergency pre-cleaning, corrosion mitigation, content cleaning, content pack-out, and wall and ceiling cleaning.

After everything has been processed and handled, our staff will go on to provide ventilation, air filtration, air purification, and physical removal of destroyed finishes. They will also provide soot and contaminant removal (source removal). Using their thorough understanding of the deodorization processes, our staff can correctly use oxidizing gasses when necessary and end the remediation process by encapsulating porous materials.

Why Go to Damage Inc. to Mediate Fire Damage around Edmonton?

Our founder, Wade Meyer, has successfully handled nearly $100 million in smoke and fire damage repairs personally and has been called as an expert in fire-related matters.

This makes us the best at what we do… correcting DAMAGE. Contact us today to restore your property from fire damage around Edmonton!


Deal with Damage

Damage Inc. can help you restore your property from all types of damage.

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