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Reverse Water/Flood Damage from Edmonton to Calgary and Beyond

One of the most common perils affecting buildings of all types is from various sources of water and flood damage throughout Edmonton. Water can escape from plumbing supply lines, sprinklers, or even back up from the drainage system to create property losses every day. Water can also enter through a property’s envelope from faulty design, installation, or damages, and it can also be introduced as a secondary damage associated with firefighting activities.

All buildings are designed to keep their interior dry from their exterior, but when significant water affects interior building finishes; complexities in mitigation, stabilization, and repair become very evident.

Damage Inc. uses the most streamlined, tried and tested methods in water damage restoration. Our technicians and project managers are educated in the Institute of Inspection Cleaning & Restoration Certification and will plan a course of action designed to expedite results and mitigate costs.

Well-versed in the science of psychrometry and educated through training and experience, our technicians will optimize the capabilities of trade-specific drying equipment to minimize the extent of selective demolition.

State-of-the-art triage methods using forward looking infrared cameras, radio metering devices, thermal hygrometers, and electronic invasive probes, allow for a scope of work with quantum to be promptly established, facilitating a fast and accurate reserve and comprehension of overall loss impact.

With decades of construction and restoration experience to fall back on, we have a fundamental understanding of building assemblies and methodology, and their tendency to respond to different restorative methods.

This makes us the best at what we do… correcting DAMAGE. Contact us today to reverse your water or flood damage around Edmonton!

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Deal with Damage

Damage Inc. can help you restore your property from all types of damage.

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